Santa Clarita Divorce | What Is Short Title On Divorce Forms

Santa Clarita Divorce | What Is Short Title On Divorce Forms

A lot of people try to start their own divorce before calling us.  That is fine, but they usually run into some trouble along the way and need our Santa Clarita divorce service to bail them out.  And we are able to do that by picking up where you left off in the process.

The forms are very confusing for many and people have a lot of questions.  One of those questions I was asked recently was, “What is the short title mean on the divorce forms?”

Some of the divorce forms have a field where it says, “Short Title.”

What the courts are looking for here are one of 2 things.  They want to know who the parties are, but not the entire names.  So this is what you would put in the “Short Title” box of the California divorce forms.

1.  The first option is to put your last name vs. their last name.  So if you guys were married it may be, “Smith vs. Smith.”  If your last names were different you would want to use the correct last names of course.

2.  The other option is to put, “IRMO Smith”.  IRMO stands for “In Re Marriage Of” and is used to reference the case by last name.  If you were every to look up a case file online you would search by using In Re Marriage Of.

Both of these practices are used by the Courts, but keep in mind that each Court and each County will have a local rule on which they prefer to be used.  Even if you use the wrong one I doubt it would ever become an issue.

So there you have it.  Now you know what to use in the field, “short title.”

I figured it was an easy post to write especially since someone had asked me about it, figured someone else would also have the same question.