Santa Clarita Halloween Events 2013

I was going to write this article about Halloween Events in Santa Clarita to try to write something a little different than about Santa Clarita Divorce which we have written about more than 1000 times.

So as I started to do some research on Halloween events going on in Santa Clarita this year, I saw that a couple of people had already wrote some great articles and covered Halloween Events in Santa Clarita in much more depth than I had planned.

So I will get off easy and reference the folks that already put in the hard work.

First article on Santa Clarita Halloween Events 2013 I came across was written by Zach McReynolds who happens to be a Real Estate agent with Home Smart here in Santa Clarita.  He wrote a nice post about some of the fun things to do in Santa Clarita for Halloween in 2013.

He had lots of links to Lombardi Ranch, Six Flags Magic Mountain and a Heritage Haunt in Newhall.

Next I cam across Tony Lewis’s blog who is also a Realtor. Wow, these realtors really do a good job of getting information out about events…  Anyhow, he had a full page full of links to Halloween Events in and around Santa Clarita.  He even made the links orange and looks like he really put a lot of work into it.  Make sure to check it out.

And one last mention is the Santa Clarita Guide, which listed lots of events for Halloween In Santa Clarita. They also did a good job of listing events.  I saw a Ghost Walk, the Haunted Jailhouse over at the Sheriffs Station and good old Fright Fest.

Make sure to jump on over to those sites for some great ideas on Santa Clarita Halloween Events in 2013 which is right around the corner.

Wait, it’s in 2 days.  Better run out and get some candy….