Santa Clarita Notary Service | Notary In Santa Clarita

Because many of the divorce cases we file require the documents to be notarized we decided to offer a notary service as part of our divorce services here in Santa Clarita.

If you are looking for a notary for any other reason, we can certainly help you.  Please call for pricing.

When you file for divorce, you will ultimately have to submit your written agreement to the court and this written agreement or judgment will need to be notarized in most cases.

So lets talk about the instances that will require you to get your divorce judgment notarized.

If you file a hybrid divorce or default with agreement divorce in California, you will absolutely need to have the Respondent’s signature notarized.  Why you ask?

Because in a Hybrid or Default with Agreement case, the Respondent has not officially entered into the case.  They have not filed a Response in this type of divorce, so the court does not really know that the other party is involved.  So in cases where no response was filed, the Respondent will have to have their signature notarized.

This is mainly because the court wants to verify that it is truly you and that you are aware of the divorce.  Otherwise someone else could be signing your name and you would never know about it.  This is just the courts way to make sure you are really you!

There are two types of divorce cases where you won’t have to have your signature notarized.  This is on the True Default divorce cases and Uncontested cases.

A true default case is where the other party is not involved at all (no response, no agreement)  You would not have to have your signature notarized in this case.

Sames goes for the Uncontested case where you have filed and your spouse file a response.  The response officially entered the Respondent in the case and the court knows you are involved.  Again, no notary required.

Just keep in mind that if you are doing hybrid or default with agreement, the Respondent will need to have their signature notarized.