Save $435 On Your Santa Clarita Divorce | Tips & Tricks

Simply by reading this article you will learn how to save $435 on your Santa Clarita divorce.  I have seen so many people spend money they did not have to on filing fees.  Had they just used our service from the beginning, they would have saved this money.

When you file for divorce, you have to pay the $435 filing fee in Los Angeles County.  Other Counties have a similar filing fee and some are higher.  This is, of course, unless you qualify for a fee waiver for your divorce.

When one party files for divorce, you will notice on the Summons that it says that the other party has to file a Response within 30 days.  The language is very scary and says that if you don’t respond in 30 days you will lose rights and your spouse can move on without you.

So not knowing how the process actually works, your spouse files a response and pays the $435.00 also.  Now you have spent $870 on your divorce.

Would it make you mad to learn that you did not have to file the response and you could have save the $435.00?

In uncontested divorce cases, it is not necessary to file a response.  You can still participate in the divorce and enter into a written agreement without having to spend the money on the filing fee for submitting a Response.

And with uncontested divorce cases, the money being spent is usually coming from the same household.

That said, here is what we suggest.  You should call our office to have us complete your entire divorce.  That $435 you would have spent unnecessarily on the Response filing fee almost covers our cost to prepare your divorce for you.

So if you used our service, you will have saved yourself the $435 filing fee and not have to complete your divorce paperwork on your own.

We wrote this article, because many clients come to us after filing the initial divorce paperwork which included filing a response.  Had they just called us in the beginning, they would have saved that money to apply to having us complete the entire divorce for them.