SCV Legal Docs | SCV Legal Docs Imposters of SCV Legal Doc Assist

I am sorry to have to do this, but i have just learned that there is an imposter among us here in Santa Clarita, CA.

What I have learned is that recently, a company by the name using SCV Legal Docs is trying to steal business away from our company I worked so hard to build, by tricking unsuspecting consumers who are searching for our legitimate business in Santa Clarita.

We are not SCV Legal Docs, We are SCV Legal Doc Assist and also known as

It is a bad business practice what this person is doing and I am sure it will not get them very far.  What they have done is create a business name so similar to ours that it is their intent to trick people into calling them, who are trying to call us.

They have specifically created a Yelp listing that, when you search for us, also shows their business as well.  Not to mention that when you call their phone number, they answer the phone with our business name.

This person is operating in a complete unethical business matter.  This business expects to succeed by cheating and lying about who they are to trick our clients into calling them.

I have contacted Yelp and asked for their assistance, but there is no way of getting a hold of anybody there.  I sent an email to their contact and will hopefully hear from them soon as I have asked them to remove these other listings.

Not only am I concerned about lost revenue, of course, but the fact that they are using my name, people are going to think that their poor service is part of our company and could reflect negatively on us.

I would love to hear from anyone who was tricked into calling SCV Legal Docs when you were in fact trying to find our SCV Legal Doc Assist business.

It is sad, really ,that someone would have to stoop this low to try and steal clients away from us.

Once the word gets out about this company, I am sure they will be run right out of Santa Clarita.

Just to confirm, We are not SCV Legal Docs

We are SCV Legal Doc Assist and have helped 1000’s of people complete their divorce in Santa Clarita, CA and all around California.

Please call us at 661-281-0266 if you need assistance with your divorce.