Sherman Oaks Affordable Divorce Service

Sherman Oaks Affordable Divorce Service

Today, we’re talking about our Affordable Divorce Service in Sherman Oaks, California.

We are a Full Service Divorce Paralegal Firm specializing in California Divorce. And this video is specifically for the folks in Sherman Oaks, California.

So being a full service, what’s that mean, we take care of everything from start to finish regarding your divorce.

This means we will fill out all the court forms for you. We don’t use any questionnaires, long questionnaires that you will have to fill out.

We will be the ones filling out the actual court forms. We’ll be the ones taking down your documents to the courthouse.

Yes, that’s right. You don’t have to go to court at all.

In amicable cases or uncontested cases we’ll be the parties or the folks going down to courts for you filing documents to facilitate that process.

We’ll take care of all the financial disclosures, assets and debts, income and expense which the court require. We exchange among the parties.

And then we’ll put together the agreements known as the marital settlement agreement or judgment which we will incorporate everything from assets and debts and who’s going to get what, the custody orders if needed, visitation, child support number, spousal support numbers.

We have the DissoMaster software. And all the court forms and everything that the attorneys and that the courts have to get your case completed.

Now we are a neutral third party. We’re not attorneys or a law firm.

So we’re here to facilitate your Divorce in Sherman Oaks by providing not only an affordable divorce service but acting as a neutral third party to work with both spouses for the same fee.

In addition to that if you are going through an amicable divorce you can save money on court fees.

We try and get involve before you’ve even filed for Divorce because we’d like to talk to you about the specific way.

We process your divorce in an effortlessly time and money on court fees. So please give me a call.

I’ll be happy to provide you with a free phone consultation.

Talk about our process how we can save you money, how we can get your Divorce done in a very affordable way.

Again, the number is 661-281-0266.