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I came across an interesting video on YouTube that gave their perspective on the signs that your marriage is over and thought I would share it.

It basically says that folks do not try to repair their marriage until it is too late and went into detail about the different steps or levels folks go through during their marriage.

The steps as outlined by Larry Bilotta in this video are:

  • Content
  • Confused
  • Struggling
  • Miserable
  • Point of no return

Here is the video

I found the video to be informative and interesting.  The video had over 180,000 views, so I guess others have found it interesting as well.

One thing that I found to be true, was his comment that over 80% of divorce cases are filed by women. That statistic is pretty much in line with what we see here in Santa Clarita.

At least 80% of the folks that walk through our doors to file for divorce are women or at least the divorce is initiated by the women.

I was not sure, but pretty sure Larry says that it is the mans fault for not understanding their wives which drives them down these steps.  I was not 100% sure on that.

In any case, thought I would share.  I actually did watch the entire video which was only 10 minutes long and it seemed he was selling a “fix your marriage” type program.

As a note, we are not promoting this product or service, it was just for informational purposes for our readers.

If you have reached that point of no return in your marriage, as stated in the video, please give us a call as we can help you with your divorce in California.

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