Sure Are A Lot Of Divorce Attorneys In Santa Clarita

Sure Are A Lot Of Divorce Attorneys In Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita sure has its fair share of divorce attorneys. I guess it goes with the territory as our city continues to grow.

What is interesting is that all these divorce attorneys are fighting to get a piece of the divorce business in Santa Clarita. There is no shortage of divorcing couples it seems.

The buzz on the street is that divorce attorneys are starting to see a lighter load of new clients these days. They are wondering what might be the cause.

I can think of 2 reasons. Cost and lack of need.

First, lets talk about cost. The cost of hiring a divorce attorneys continue to rise. With average divorce attorneys in Santa Clarita charging around $300 per hour and those that consider themselves top-shelf charging $500 per hour.

Thats a lot of money for anyone. And now that they are seeing less new clients, they have only a few ways of keeping the money coming in the door. Some have resorted to raising their hourly rates so they can make more money off the clients they already have. Ouch!

Now lets talk about the lack of need. Word is starting to spread that you just don’t need an attorney to get divorced. More and more people are taking to using our divorce document preparation service and avoid the high costs of attorney representation.

Why in the world would you hire an attorney at $500 per hour to prepare your divorce documents? Some people do so because they don’t know there are any other options.

We are here to make sure Santa Clarita residents know there is a better and more affordable option to getting divorced.

We do everything form completing your documents, filing them and explaining the divorce process. We prepare your divorce documents exactly as they would be done with that expensive attorney. Give us a call to learn more.