Should I Respond To California Divorce If We Are Amicable?

The question we are answering today is “Should I Respond To California Divorce If We Are Amicable?“.  I am going to make suggestions on when you should file a Response in your California divorce case and when it would probably be okay to not file a Response.

Please keep in mind that we are talking about amicable divorce cases in California where you and your spouse are working together to complete your case.  If your case is contested or you have an attorney, you will most likely be filing a Response.

I am writing  this article because it is not always necessary to file a Response to your California divorce if your divorce case is amicable.

Today I received a call from a potential new client who stated that she was served by her spouse and she had read the divorce Summons and had to file a Response by Wednesday, which was in 3 days.

The very first question I asked her was if her divorce was amicable.  She stated that it was amicable and that they were just trying to get through the divorce.

When your California divorce is amicable, you can still get through the divorce process without filing a response.  In fact, the majority of California divorce cases that we file and complete are done so without a Response being filed.

So what I told her is that she should have her husband call me so we can all be on the same page.  What I suggested is that they have our company prepare all the divorce paperwork so they can get through their divorce fast and easy.

Most people in my position would have used the threat of default (after 30 days of no response) to scare them into filing a response so they could collect a fee for preparing their divorce case.

If your California divorce is amicable, you have two ways you can file your divorce.  The first would be what is called a “True Default California Divorce” and the other is called a “Hybrid or Default California With Agreement“.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your circumstances.  Feel free to call me and I will let you know the best way depending on what is going on in your case.  It basically comes down to the amount of property you have.

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