Getting Couples To Work Together During Divorce In Santa Clarita

One of the most important aspects of my business is to help divorcing couples work together. Impossible? No. It just takes a little work on everyones part.

Case in point. I received a call from new client who lives out of state. He is in the military and is stationed away from his home town state.

His wife filed for divorce and mailed the divorce documents to him. He read the summons that said he had 30 days to respond and panicked because there was only 4 days left, based upon the date of the court stamp on the forms.

He called a local attorney in Santa Clarita and paid $200 for an over the phone consultation. While he was waiting for his appointment, he was doing some more research online and found our company and gave us a call.

When he called, one of his first concerns was that he needed to respond by the 30 days. But my first issue was in how he was served. He had stated that his wife mailed the forms to him. There is a specific procedure to divorce and mailing the summons and petition does not conform to policy. The first documents served must be personally served in most cases.

Once we discussed that, i pointed out that he had more time because technically he had not been served yet.

But most importantly was to get him and his wife to work together on this as best as possible. It was apparent that they were not communicating too much which can definitely compound the problems.

So what I did was indicate that the best course of action would be to get his wife on board with having me coordinate the events of the divorce so the process can progress smoothly through the court system.

He agreed, and as of this writing, am waiting for his wife to reach out to me. We just spoke yesterday evening, so i am expecting her call today.

The goal here is to work with both spouses, to explain the process and procedure of getting divorced and keep the working together as best as possible.

At the end of the day, he was able to get a refund from the attorney for the consultation he had paid for after realizing he did not need an attorney to get divorced in his case.

Husband And Wife At Divorce Consultation A Good Idea In Santa Clarita

Husband And Wife At Divorce Consultation A Good Idea In Santa Clarita

I have been talking on video and on my podcast this week about the success I have had when meeting with both husband and wife at the same time when going through a divorce in Santa Clarita.

I had not done it before, not because i had any issue with it, but because nobody has asked. It just happened that on three separate occasions this week, it was requested that both spouses would be at the initial meeting to get started with the divorce.

It turned out to work amazingly great and I highly recommend it!

Watch this brief video where i talk more about the divorce process when meeting with both husband and wife at the divorce consultation.

These meetings were extremely productive for one. I was able to answer all their questions and get a huge portion of the divorce paperwork done for both husband and wife.

This can best be described by telling you the differences when meeting with only one spouse.

When I meet with just one spouse, which is the majority of the times, i end up having to explain everything we going to do, two times. Once when I meet in office with spouse number 1 and again when I have to spouse number two when they learn they are getting divorced.

This obviously won’t be possible in all cases, but where you are still on fairly good terms with your spouse and think you could be in a room together, i highly recommend it.

It will save you from having to explain the whole process to your spouse once you left our offices. It is easier to just let me explain the divorce process and have both of you ask all the questions of me, instead of hearing it third party from your spouse who you are divorcing.

When you call us, let me know you are interested in coming in with your spouse so we can plan on getting a large portion of the documents done in a single meeting.


Free Divorce Attorney Consultation When Using Document Preparation Service

Free Divorce Attorney Consultation When Using Document Preparation Service

If you read our article about our searching for a flat fee attorney in Santa Clarita who would provide more affordable divorce representation, then you know we are always looking for ways help our divorcing clients save money, even when they may need to hire an attorney.

After I wrote that article asking if there were any flat fee attorney’s in Santa Clarita who would provide free attorney consultations and flat fee divorce representation, I ran into just such an attorney.

While 90% of my clients get through the entire divorce process without any need for an attorney, I do get my fair share of contested cases where one spouse has hired and attorney and the other spouse does not have money to hire an attorney.

When this happens, they usually come to me to help assist them with their divorce case and prepare their responses, etc. But I always wanted to have my service go a step further and provide a great legal service.

The arrangement I made with this attorney is that he will provide a free divorce consultation to any of my clients that need one. This way you can use my affordable divorce document preparation service and when you need legal advice, you can speak to the attorney free of charge.

This greatly improves the service I am able to offer. No longer do you have to make a choice between using a paralegal service or paying the high costs of attorney representation.

Now you can use our divorce paralegal services, get your legal questions answered and, if need be, have representation in court for one low flat fee.

If you are looking for the best value with your divorce in Los Angeles, give us a call. We are headquartered in Santa Clarita and serve all the courts in LA County.