Free Divorce Attorney Consultation When Using Document Preparation Service

Free Divorce Attorney Consultation When Using Document Preparation Service

If you read our article about our searching for a flat fee attorney in Santa Clarita who would provide more affordable divorce representation, then you know we are always looking for ways help our divorcing clients save money, even when they may need to hire an attorney.

After I wrote that article asking if there were any flat fee attorney’s in Santa Clarita who would provide free attorney consultations and flat fee divorce representation, I ran into just such an attorney.

While 90% of my clients get through the entire divorce process without any need for an attorney, I do get my fair share of contested cases where one spouse has hired and attorney and the other spouse does not have money to hire an attorney.

When this happens, they usually come to me to help assist them with their divorce case and prepare their responses, etc. But I always wanted to have my service go a step further and provide a great legal service.

The arrangement I made with this attorney is that he will provide a free divorce consultation to any of my clients that need one. This way you can use my affordable divorce document preparation service and when you need legal advice, you can speak to the attorney free of charge.

This greatly improves the service I am able to offer. No longer do you have to make a choice between using a paralegal service or paying the high costs of attorney representation.

Now you can use our divorce paralegal services, get your legal questions answered and, if need be, have representation in court for one low flat fee.

If you are looking for the best value with your divorce in Los Angeles, give us a call. We are headquartered in Santa Clarita and serve all the courts in LA County.