We Can Get Your Santa Clarita Divorce Case Completed FAST!

How long does the divorce process take?  When it comes to answering that question with regards to our office, we can get your divorce case completed in a single sitting and as fast as you can get the information to us.

But keep in mind that we are still constrained by the courts rules and timeframes. So even if we complete your entire divorce case in a single day or single meeting, we still need to process your paperwork with the divorce court per their timetables.

I explain more in this video and podcast.


Divorce Process Starts When Spouse Is Served | Santa Clarita Divorce

One of the things that keeps coming up when I am helping clients with divorce is explaining when the divorce process actually starts.  There is some confusion on this as well as what document to file to let the court know your spouse has been served.

The divorce process does not start when you file your divorce case.  When you go to the court and turn in all your papers and pay your filing fee, you will receive a comformed “stamped” copy of your divorce filing.  You and everyone else in this world feels like they have filed their divorce and therefore the divorce process has started.

The divorce process actually starts when your spouse is served, not when you file.  Everything is hinged off the day your spouse is served.  Even the 30 days to file a response or when you want to file a request to enter default.  None of these things can occur until your spouse is served.

When you file a lawsuit (which filing for divorce is) you have to give the other party notice.  Notice that you have filed for divorce and what you are asking for such as your requests in the divorce Petition.

So three things I want to clear up here.

  • The six month waiting period does not start until your spouse is served.
  • You can’t file for a default unless 30 days have passed since your spouse was served.
  • The Court won’t know your spouse was served unless you complete a proof of service and file it with the court.

These are the big three things to watch out for.  And make sure to complete your proof of service correctly.  There are several boxes you need to complete and many the person who will be doing the serving needs to complete.  I see a lot of people who do this wrong or forget to put the dates and times of service, etc.

I hope this clears up the issues of when the divorce process actually starts.  When does it start?  When your spouse is served!

Taking On More Challenging Divorce Cases In Santa Clarita

When I first started this business, my idea was that I would handle the cut and dry divorce cases. Ones where both parties agree on all aspects of the divorce and it is more of a transaction.

While the majority of our cases fit this mold, we are starting to see a large influx of clients who have contested divorce cases or cases where there is no agreements.

These are people who would normally hire an attorney to represent them in their divorce. However, this new bread of people coming into our office who don’t want to spend the money on an attorney or find the costs of hiring an attorney prohibitive.

So we have been taking on these more difficult divorce cases. These are divorce cases where it takes more than just filing out divorce documents and requires an expertise as to court procedure and how to maneuver a case through the courts.

We are able to do this because we have, and continue to, work closely with the Los Angeles Superior Courts and have worked for large law firms in family law.

We have been taking cases where clients are representing themselves in their divorce and we are taking them all the way through the court process. From filing the initial petition, to filing motions for support and custody, all the way to trial. We have concluded several cases that went to trial.

Of course, we are not a law firm and are not attorneys, so cannot give you legal advice, but we can advise you the steps that need to be taken as far as court procedure is concerned and complete the necessary documents to get you into court and help you complete your divorce case in Los Angeles.

If you find yourself among this growing population of people who need assistance with your divorce, but find the costs of hiring a divorce attorney prohibitive, then give us a call. We would be happy discuss how we can help you through the divorce process.