Filing For Divorce During The Holidays In Santa Clarita

Every year in this business it seems that folks in Santa Clarita who are considering filing for divorce may be deciding to hold off until the holidays are over.

As we slip into the latter part of October, I can definitely feel there is less people ready to move forward and start their divorce.  The volume of people calling is still in a normal range, but those ready to pull the trigger is definitely less.

When I worked for a family law divorce attorney here in Santa Clarita, we experienced the same thing.  I think it is just the nature of the business.

People still are filing for divorce, of course, but it is just not in record numbers as it is in the beginning of each year.  Some in the divorce industry say that January is the busiest time of year for divorce and others say that after Valentines day has passed, is when divorce season really kicks in.  The dates are pretty close together, so it may be a combination of both.

I’m sure there are reasons why people hold off from filing during the holidays.  I suppose it could be because they don’t want to ruin the holidays for their children.  Or it could be that they don’t have the money to file for divorce because they are spending it all on Christmas.

One thing for sure, all that goes away come January each and every year.

It seems once the festivities are over, the hangovers have gone away and the new years resolutions have already been foiled, that people file for divorce in droves.

Last year in 2012 it also slowed down.  I knew going into this year the same would probably happen, but hoped for the best.  I will spend the remainder of this year, gearing up for next year when things will literally explode in January and into February.

If you are considering filing for divorce in Santa Clarita and the holidays are causing you to hold off, I would be interested in you commenting below and letting me know what your reasons for holding off are.

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