Divorce Season Begins After Valentines Day | Santa Clarita Divorce

Divorce Season Begins After Valentines Day | Santa Clarita Divorce

I was recently meeting with a local divorce mediation company in Santa Clarita and we got to talking about the ebb and flows of the business.  Specifically about when our business may busier and when it may be slower in terms of people filing for divorce.

One thing that was mentioned is that she noticed that it always got busier after Valentines Day.  I thought it was a pretty interesting observation and decided to look into it.

Apparently she was right.  There has been all kinds of discussions about how the divorce rate increases right after Valentines Day.  In fact, some folks referred to Valentines Day as the beginning of “Divorce Season”

There has been all types of reasons given for this so called divorce season being tied to Valentines Day, so I thought I would share them with you.

Folks that have wrote on this topic mostly agree that Valentines Day comes as the holiday seasons have worn off and reality of pushing through another year is underway.  For some it marks the day to follow through with their new years resolution to become single, and for others are just the result of having one more lackluster Valentines Day.

It is almost like Valentines Day is a wake up call to snap people back into reality about the status of their relationship and life in general.

It is reported that there is as much as a 40% spike in divorce filings around Valentines Day.  It makes me wonder how many of these divorce filings really end in the couples finalizing their divorce.  I would tend to think that many of these people that filed may come to their senses later.  But maybe not.

To be honest with you, doing this research about divorce and Valentines Day really got me thinking.  I, for one, am guilty of not being the best at remembering holidays or giving flowers.  Maybe this year I will give flowers and Chocolate.

Regardless of your reasons for deciding to get divorced after Valentines Day, we are here to help you get through your divorce.

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