Divorce Services In Santa Clarita

Divorce Services In Santa Clarita

We are a full service divorce document preparation firm in Santa Clarita.  We do a lot more than just prepare divorce papers.  We can help with just about any type of family law matter.

One of our divorce services is providing and preparing motions for hearings.  These are what used to be called OSC’s, Order To Show Cause, now called, RFO’s, Request For Orders.  We can help you prepare a motion or respond to a motion.

There are occasions when we have to do both a divorce filing and also complete a motion for you.  Motions are generally used to get temporary orders while you are waiting for your divorce to conclude.  Sometimes, we will prepare a motion post judgment where the divorce is already finalized.

We had both types of situations come up this week.

We help a client prepare a post judgment response to a Request For Order.  We prepared the application, drafted the declaration and got her ready for court.  She was representing herself, so we made sure to instruct her on where to go and how to file the paperwork.

Another case we handled this week was where the couple had just separated, but the husband was not paying child support.  Because the wife was not working, if she wanted to get temporary orders for child support, she would have to file a motion.  So in addition to preparing her divorce paperwork for filing, we also filed a motion for child support so hopefully she could start getting some money in while we were working on completing the divorce.

I think most people are surprised how knowledgeable we are and how much you can get accomplished when using our divorce services in Santa Clarita.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss how we can help you in your particular situation.