The 3 Steps To Divorce | Los Angeles Divorce

The 3 Steps To Divorce | Los Angeles Divorce

Today, I want to talk to you about the three steps of the divorce process when you work with our firm.

We’ve broken it down into three digestible steps because there is an enormous amount of paperwork and it can be confusing.

The first step is for us to file and serve the initial divorce documents. This would be the summons and petitions and there’s some other paperwork if you have children.

After the file and service is completed, the second step is to complete your financial disclosures. Both parties are required to file and serve their financial disclosures.

Now, this financial disclosure of this process is one of the most unliked processes of the divorce.

This is because you have to go through all your finances before marriage, during marriage, and after separation and put it all down on paper. Most don’t find this to be a fun process at all.

After that, we move into the judgment phase.

We can prepare the divorce documents, prepare the judgment, put everything on paper, as pre request, and this will be in regards to the distribution of assets and debts as well as the in-child custody, child visitation and any other language you want incorporated into the judgment.

If you have any more questions about the divorce process when you work with a paralegal firm such as ours, please give us a call or use our website to get more information.