Terms Of Agreement Not Addressed On Status Only Dissolution

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with divorce661.com and this week we’ve been talking about legal separation filings, divorce filings and the difference in the two.

And what I want to address with this video is when you have a legal separation case that you concluded and then you later want to file for divorce you need to file a new divorce case entirely, completely new and you do not have to address any of the old issues uh custody or support or property division or anything like that.

But if you do want to change something you would not file anything related to that on the divorce side of things you would need to file an amendment to your legal separation case so your petition for divorce will just be to change the status, you’re just doing the divorce itself no issues are being addressed and if you have if you do want to change something 10 years 5 years later after you did the legal separation case you would do that through the legal separation case through doing a stipulation to modify the judgment.