Ventura Divorce Court Stops Contempt Of Court Filing

I don’t know who is running the show over at the Ventura Courthouse, but it sure does not seem that the judges are.  We helped a client of ours by preparing a contempt of court filing because her spouse was in violation of the court orders by not paying child support.

He had not paid for 2 months and indicated to her that would not be paying.  Well, the only way to get this resolved is to file a Request For Order for Contempt.

Now, the clerks office are not supposed to interfere or give any type of legal advice.  But when our client went to the courthouse to file her contempt of court the clerks office, at least 2 employees, were advising her not to file the contempt charge, that it is hard to prove and discouraged her from filing it.

Our client pushed the issue, because this is a clear cut cast of contempt, especially when it involves child support, and the spouse out right refuses to pay.

What is she supposed to do, the husband has not paid for 2 months and she is taking care of the kids all by herself without any financial assistance.

I feel bad for this client of ours because she represented herself, and continues to, with the help of our company and we got her case completed and orders in place.  Then her spouse hires an attorney to try to get the judgement set-aside so they can file a response and re-open the case.  That hearing is still pending and i will report what happens with the set-aside request.