We Can File Your Response Even If Spouse Has Attorney

Today we’re talking about the response needing to be filed within 30 days of you being served. So, we had a call today with someone who wanted us to just to file a response. His wife has an attorney and he only has a few days left to get the response in within that 30-day window.

And the problem was, he knows he needs an attorney for his divorce because his wife has an attorney, but he could not get in to see an attorney. Everywhere He called it was a two week wait just for the initial consultation. So he might have an attorney that he wants to hire, but he just couldn’t get in for that initial consultation to discuss if he even wants to use them as their attorney.

So we’re going to file their response or his response rather and get that done So we can buy them some time to interview attorneys.

I don’t know why attorneys are that busy. But if you do need a response filed and you do need an attorney at some point, we can take care of that for you. So give us a call.