We Can Handle Your Divorce Case Anywhere In California

We are often asked how we are able to handle divorce cases throughout California. And there are a couple of reasons. Mainly, the main reason is that in California the divorce process is almost nearly identical across all counties in California.

It’s the same petition, the same summons, the same response, it’s the exact same process, especially from an amicable Viewpoint, you know, going to trial. And that process is going to be a little bit different with each of the courts, but the actual amicable divorce process is nearly identical. The forms are identical, some courts may have one or two different, local forms for their particular County, but other than that, the process of divorce is identical.

The other reason is we handle our service completely remote. There’s no reason to come to our office. Everything is signed electronically in most cases. So there’s no office appointment. So, that’s another reason we’re able to handle your divorce anywhere in California.