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There is a lot to know about divorce and the divorce process in Santa Clarita. The first thing people start doing when considering a divorce is to get online and start looking for answers. Well, we have the answers to your divorce questions.

When we got into this business, we wanted to do things different. Instead of holding on to the information and expertise we have obtained about divorce and the divorce process, we thought we would share the information we learn through our blogs, video and podcasts.

Because we have been discussing what we learn about divorce in Santa Clarita everyday, there is a very good chance that if you live in Santa Clarita and are looking for answers to your divorce questions, you will have landed on one of our blogs. And we are glad you have.

If you are going to represent yourself in your own divorce and forego hiring an attorney, you need to be fully informed of how divorce works and what your options are in getting through it. What will be the challenges, how much will it cost and how long will it take are just a few examples.

What you will learn is getting an answer to one question will certainly lead you to another one. Many people spend a considerable amount of time on our blogs, reading articles and watching youtube videos. We love that people are learning about divorce by reading the stories we share about the process, procedure and issues that can come up during a divorce.

We even have a “ask us a question” on our blog that allows folks to simply type in a question they have. It asks you to leave your email so we can respond. Generally what we do is record a video email and send a personalized video to your inbox. We feel this is a personal touch and makes it easier to give a detailed answer to the question.

As a licensed and bonded legal document preparation company that specializes in divorce, our answers to your divorce questions revolve around everything except giving legal advice. We discuss procedure, how to fill out divorce forms, courts processes and just about anything else we can think of.

If you have a question about divorce, please let us know. Give us a call or shoot us an email. We would be happy to answer your divorce question.