We’ve Been Separated For 10 Years – Can You Handle Our California Divorce?

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Tim Blankenship here with Divorce661.com and the question we had to answer today was someone has been separated from their spouse for 10 years and they’re asking if we can help and that is not an issue.

Generally, if you haven’t seen your spouse in 5 10, 20, 50 years that does not matter as long as you know where they live.

And again as always because we handle only amicable divorce has so long as you guys are cooperative and we’ll sign off on the documents.

So just because there is a long lapse Of a separation time frame that makes no difference whatsoever. As long as you’ll both be cooperative as well.

As you know, that you guys probably don’t have any community property anymore. Everything is going to be a little bit more straightforward.

You probably don’t need alimony, there’s probably no assets or debts to divide, so it makes for a pretty streamlined process.

So give us a call. If you find yourself in this situation, Tim Blankenship, Divorce661.com, I hope you’re having a great day. We’ll talk to you soon.