What Does “Further Order Of The Court” Mean?

Tim Blankenship here with Divorce661.comand what we’re talking about today is what does it mean when your judgment or agreement in your divorce says, “further order of the Court”?

This can appear on your spousal Support agreement is mostly where you’re going to see it. And we had a question come up this week. With what does that mean in the scenario was there were some spouse support being paid for several years. The divorce was finalized and the They now want to have a new agreement to do a buyout.

And the concern was well, what does it mean? Because it says, you know, further order the court. Are we able to make an agreement that the court will agree with? And that’s how that works.

What we do is we draft the stipulation and the parties sign it. And then when that gets submitted to court, the judge signs it and that is the further order of the Court. Doesn’t mean they’re making the decisions. They’re just making the agreement you guys signed the stipulation, the New Order of the Court.