What Is The Divorce Rate Among Baby Boomers In California

Hi this is Tim Blankenship with divorce661.com and today I wanted to talk to you about an article I read in the Los Angeles Times today and it was called “The Great Divorce Boom”. And what it was referring to was the increase in divorce cases relating to the baby boomers.

The baby boomers as you know are a large population that have been moving through society and they’re getting older now and two things have happened:

Number 1, they have started to divorce in higher numbers, and number 2, the divorce rate is increasing, just in general.

So what we’re finding in here, at least what this article has indicated in the LA Times is that the divorce rate among baby boomers, this huge population, is now at 25%, so 25% of all baby boomers are now getting divorced. And that’s a huge number when you look at how large the baby boomer population is.

The interesting thing is the divorces for baby boomers in the past had been right around 10%. And not just with baby boomers, but with the older population, or what they’re referring to as “grey divorcees”, assuming that you have grey hair, that’s what they’re referring to.

So that said, we are noticing in our business, we provide a legal document preparation service, we specialize in divorce, and I would say that our client base exceeds that 25% rate for grey divorcees, for maybe baby boomers, and let’s say people over 50, we are seeing a huge population of folks come through our offices who are going through divorce.

So I would say that exceeds, at least here in the Santa Clarita Valley, that 25% rate I would say it’s closer to 40% of our client base currently.

So I just wanted to get this information out there, if you are over 50 and you are going through divorce, you are not alone.  You’re not the only person doing this; in fact you are among a large population, a growing population of folks getting divorced at an older age.

And I just want to let you know that you are not alone in that. Twenty five percent of you by statistic will end up divorced at some point over 50.

It’s a sad number, but it is what it is. It’s not just with the baby boomers, this is an issue, shouldn’t say an issue because getting divorced could be a good thing, could be a bad thing, but divorce is growing with all age brackets; not just with folks over 50.

However it has been noticed that that population is getting divorced in higher numbers.

If you have any questions about divorce and the divorce process in the California, my name is Tim Blankenship, feel free to give me a call, you can reach me direct at 661-281-0266, or as always at our website to get more information divorce661.com. Thanks!