What Our Santa Clarita Full Service Divorce Firm Does For You

When people call our Santa Clarita divorce service, they often want to know all what we do.  Well, we are a full service divorce company which means we take care of everything.  Lets discuss this in detail.

We Prepare All The Divorce Forms

We prepare all the divorce forms for you.  This is as opposed to send you a long questionnaire to have you fill it out. (which is the standard in the industry).  Most companies that provide legal document preparation will place the burden on you to complete a long (sometimes 25 page long) questionnaire.  What they expect you to do it all the work basically.

That is not how we operate.  We will prepare all your documents for you.  You simply provide the information we request and documents we require and sign your name.

We File All Documents With The Court

Did you know that other companies will complete your documents, then tell you to go to the court and file them? Unbelievable.  We operate just like a law firm does, which means we employ an attorney service that files all our divorce papers for us.  This means you never have to go to court and your forms are hand carried to the courts.  This ensures a fast and secure way of getting your divorce forms filed with the court.

We Serve All Divorce Documents

Again, being full service means taking care of everything.  This includes handling the service of all your documents.  This part can be tricky if your not familiar with court procedure.  Some forms have to be filed, others do not.  Some divorce forms have to be personally served, while others can be served by mail.  We take the guesswork out of the divorce procedure and handle this for you.

We Prepare And Submit Your Final Divorce Papers

When all the procedural steps to the divorce have been completed and documents done, we will prepare your final judgment or agreement.  Once the parties agree on the terms of the divorce, we will prepare the final agreement.  After your judgment is signed, it needs to be submitted to the court.  We do this for you. We will have your judgment hand delivered to the judgment clerk at the court.  This will ensure your case is reviewed quickly by the court and approved.

This was just a glimpse of what we provide with our Santa Clarita full service divorce.  Of course we always available for questions along the way. Because we have worked for large Santa Clarita law firms and the courts, we understand the forms and divorce procedure like the back of our hand.

When you are ready to file for divorce, don’t make the mistake of trying to do it yourself or spending thousands of dollars using an attorney.  Just give us a call and we will take care of your divorce from start to finish.