When Is Last Chance To File Your Response?

What we’re talking about today is the 30 days you have to file your response after being served.

We had calls where people are somewhat panicked because they might have 10 or 15 days or so before the response needs to be served and filed and for us anyways, that’s generally not an issue.

If you are running up against a hard stop like that and you maybe can’t get an attorney to file a response for you or can’t find someone to retain in that time, all we need is three days before that 30 days is up so we can draft it and get it in the mail.

It just needs to be served by mail and get into court and get filed. So, I would say 72 hours, you know, three days before that 30 days is up is when we would need to be hired to get that response in for you.

And then if all you want us to do is file the response as a single service because perhaps you need an attorney and your spouse has an attorney, that’s fine as well. We can do a one-off service like that where we just filed a petition for you. Tim Blankenship Divorce661.com, Have a great day.