When You Don’t Need To File A Response To Your Santa Clarita Divorce

When You Don’t Need To File A Response To Your Santa Clarita Divorce

Here’s when you do not want to file a response to your divorce.

If you have an amicable divorce case you’re going to notice when you’re going through either the self-help center or you’re looking online it’s going to give you instructions on what to do.

First step is going to say file your divorce case step two serve your spouse step 3 response to be filed within 30 days. I know it says it on the forms I know it says it on the instructions.

I know the summon says if you don’t file a response in 30 days your spouse is going to get everything they want and be able to finalize the divorce without them let me tell you this, I’ve been doing this for 10 years we do not have our clients purposely file a response because nothing bad is going to happen.

We are working with amicable clients going through an amicable divorce process and all the response does is generate more fees for the court.

A response is not required to finalize a divorce especially when it’s amicable. It’s called a default with written agreement you can Google it you’ll probably see videos I’ve done on this we do this purely to save clients money why pay the courts another $435 dollars if we can still get your divorce done on a single Court filing fee.

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