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Why You Need Our Help During Your California Divorce Hi, Tim Blankenship with divorce661.com. We specialize in divorce in California. And today I just want to tell you a little story of a client who called us recently, who is …


Tim Blankenship‘s insight:

This is an article and video that we wrote and discusses a story about a client of ours that a lot of people could relate to.

I wanted to add some insight to the article to let you know about your choices in getting assistance when filing for divorce in Santa Clarita, CA.

When you are going through a divorce in Santa Clarita, you really only have four options for getting through your divorce.

Your first choice is that you could attempt to file your own divorce in Santa Clarita.  This is not a good option, because of the people that do attempt to file their own divorce, very few will actually make it without some type of professional divorce assistance.

The second choice (and the next step up) would be to get the assistance of a professional paralegal service (LDA) Legal Document Assistant.  This is a paid service where we will prepare all your documents, go to court for you and assist you along the way. You can go to our website for more information about our Santa Clarita Divorce Paralegal Service

The third option would be to use a professional mediation service.  (We often work hand in hand with mediation services) in preparing the divorce paperwork.  Divorce mediation services will help you come to decisions related to you divorce.

The fourth option and what we believe to be the last resort is to hire an attorney.  If none of the previously 3 mentioned choices were effective for you, then this would be the place to go.



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