Your Divorce Is Not Amicable If It Starts Of Like This

Tim Blankenship with And recently we had someone schedule a consultation with us through our app on our website and the in the notes that said that they thought that the wife was going to be amicable.

Fortunately, he provided his case number so I was able to look up the case and what I saw was a couple of red flags to indicate that the case was not going to be amicable. One, the wife had an attorney. Two, the petitioner, the wife filed a motion to get spousal support, custody, visitation child, support, the works.

That is definitely an indicator that it is not amicable because if it is an amicable divorce, you don’t file motions to go before a judge to get the judge to make certain orders right off the bat. In fact, Court isn’t required at all when you use our service, when we put together a full agreement for you. So give us a call Tim Blankenship,, Hope you’re having a great day. We’ll talk to you soon.