You’re A Fool If You Don’t Hire An Attorney – Santa Clarita Divorce

You’re A Fool If You Don’t Hire An Attorney – Santa Clarita Divorce

I have been doing a lot of reading lately and recently came upon an attorney marketing piece that stated that one of the top 5 mistakes you can make during your divorce is failing to hire an attorney.

He even went as far as to say “represent yourself and you have a fool for a client” referencing an old saying.

The reasons provided was because of the highly emotional nature of divorce and that you don’t know how the court process works and don’t understand what to do in a court hearing or how evidence works which will harm your ability to come out on top during your divorce.

This may be true if you have a contested case and end up in court in front off a judge. But statistics tell us that if you actually go to trial during your divorce, you are the minority of cases.

In uncontested divorce cases, none of this applies. So you would not be a fool to represent yourself if your not going to court. You would actually be much the opposite.

I think you are smart if you decide to represent yourself during divorce. I think you would be even smarter if you hires our divorce document preparation firm to complete your divorce and help you through the process.

I agree that you should get a consultation with an attorney if you have legal questions. We are the first people to say you should speak to an attorney on a consultation basis only if you have legal type questions.

But outside of needing legal advice and representation in court, we an assist you in the divorce process, explain procedure and handle all the paperwork.

Give us a call today and speak directly to our legal document assistants so we can explain how we will help you get through your divorce. And we promise not to call you a fool.