007 DMR | Why Preparing Your California Divorce Judgment Is Difficult

007 DMR | Why Preparing Your California Divorce Judgment Is Difficult

In this episode we discuss the issues associated with attempting to complete your divorce on your own in California. Specifically, we discuss the issues you will face when attempting to complete your divorce judgment.

The judgment is the last thing you will file with the court and will prove to be the most difficult. Not only because there are a lot of forms and the forms are confusing,  but because this will be the first time anyone at the court actually looks at any of your documents and reviews them.

If you make even one simple mistake on your divorce judgment, the court will reject the entire case and send everything back to you.  This can have a significant delay on when your divorce is actually finalized, because it generally takes the court at least a couple of months to review your case each time you submit the judgment.

Here is a brief list of some of the reasons why your California divorce judgment might get rejected:

  1. You missed a check box
  2. Wrong forms
  3. You didn’t follow procedure
  4. Not enough copies of forms sent to court
  5. Missing forms
  6. Didn’t include postage on the necessary envelopes
  7. Didn’t include any envelopes
  8. Didn’t notarize the Judgment
  9. Asked for something in Judgment, you didn’t ask in the Petition

As you can see, there are some really ridiculous reasons the court will reject your judgment.  We go into more detail on these rejection reasons, and more, but what we want you to take from it is that it does not take much to get your divorce file rejected.


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