2nd Busiest Shopping Day, Prepping for San Diego Trip & Wrapping Presents

I was at breakfast with my daughter at Marston’s in Valencia and was reading the newspaper. It said that the Saturday before Christmas was the second busiest shopping day of the year.  I did not know this, but it makes sense. Later in the day, i was speaking to another business owner in my building and she said this Saturday will be particularly busy because in addition to being a Saturday, that because it is falling right after a payday for most folks (15th) that they will have just gotten paid and have money to burn.  I guess that might make sense.

For us, our shopping is done.  Not that we got everything we wanted to get, but that whatever we have now is what we have.  If there is something else we wanted to purchase, it can be gotten after Christmas.

For us, this weekend will be about wrapping presents. We are really trying to be prepared this year.  After this weekend, we only have 3 days before Christmas Eve and with being busy with the business, Thursday will be here quick.  My wife and i have always been bad with Christmas.  We are usually out shopping for last minute gifts, feeling the pressure to “just get something”.  Not this year, if we got something for you great, if not, that is fine too.

One thing for sure, we are going to wrap our presents this weekend. Probably open a glass of wine and watch a movie while were at it.  What we are not going to do, which is what we have done every year in the past, is wrapping presents on Christmas Eve at 1 a.m. because we put it off for so long.

We are still planing for our San Diego trip.  I can’t believe how hard it is to plan everything. We are only going for 4 nights and i am trying hard to have reservations for everything we want to do, such as dinner, whale watching and things like that.  Being that we are going during Christmas and New Years, everything is booking out quickly and we are just getting started with making reservations.

I am still doing the hiking in preparation of the Spartan on January 31st. On Sunday, I am gong to do the 2 mile loop twice and see how that goes. Have been feeling pretty good doing the single loop and need to step it up to 4 miles now.

I dragged my wife on a hike this weekend at Towsley and we saw a few deer. Check out the video.


I have been using an app on my phone called run tracker but am considering purchasing a FitBit. Anyone have any thoughts? I was looking at the reviews last night and it is a mixed bag. Maybe I will wait until after christmas to see if there are any deals.

Talk to you on Monday.