Affordable Chatsworth Divorce Paralegal Service | Chatsworth Divorce

Affordable Chatsworth Divorce Paralegal Service | Chatsworth Divorce

Our affordable Chatsworth divorce paralegal service takes care of your entire Chatsworth divorce from start to finish. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for your Chatsworth divorce, look no further.

The affordable Chatsworth divorce service we provide is a full service one as well.  This means that we fill out the divorce forms for you, we filed your divorce documents with the court (yep, no court for you) we will take care of the service of the documents as well as prepare all your financial disclosures that are mandatory by the Chatsworth court and complete your final agreements, known as the Judgment or Marital Settlement Agreement.

We have all the forms and access to court software you will need to complete even the most complex Chatsworh divorce cases.  We will assist you with drafting agreements related to your property, child custody and support orders as well as spousal support orders.  We have the court’s dissomaster software as well, so you won’t have to go to court our pay an extra fee to have those number run.

So when you use our affordable Chatsworth divorce service, we will take care of everything.  The only thing we need from you is to provide us with the information we need to complete the forms.  We are here to answer your questions along the way, and believe me you will have plenty of questions.

There is just too much that can go wrong either trying to do your own Chatsworh divorce yourself or hiring someone that just does the forms and leaves the procedural aspects up to you.  The forms are difficult, but where people really struggle is with the process and procedure of moving through the courts archaic process.

Give us a call for a free phone consultation so we can discuss your specific circumstances.