Affordable Divorce In Santa Monica, CA

Affordable Divorce In Santa Monica, CA

We are the #1 Affordable Divorce service in Santa Monica, Ca.  We specialize in only divorce and serve the greater Santa Monica, CA area.  We are a full service Santa Monica divorce paralegal firm and can handle your entire Santa Monica Divorce case from start to finish. We discuss more about our Affordable Divorce in Santa Monica, Ca in this video, so make sure to watch for more information.

Today we’re talking to the folks in Santa Monica about our affordable Divorce process. That’s right!

We have an affordable Divorce service right here in Santa Monica to help you with your case. We are a full service Paralegal Firm.

We’re a Divorce Document Preparation Firm. And all we do is Divorce. Not only in Santa Monica but we have clients all throughout California providing affordable Divorce services.

If you’re looking for an alternative to an attorney for your Divorce, please pick up the phone and give us a call. We do provide free consultations.

Now as a licensed and bonded Document Preparation, we offer a full service process which means we do everything a law firm would do for you including fill out the forms, going down the court, filing them, serving them, all the paperwork that the court requires as far as financial disclosures.

And then we’re going to put together the agreements for you as well. It’s a very affordable way to get through your Divorce in Santa Monica if you and your spouse are trying to work towards an agreement or even if you need help coming up with agreements, we can certainly help you with Mediation Services as well as our Document Preparation Services in Santa Monica to really save you some money and provide that affordable service to you.

If you go to our website at you’ll find there that we have flat fee pricing right on our website. The rates are very affordable.

We can even help you save some money on court fees in some cases but give us a call because people think they need an attorney and they don’t in many cases.

In fact many times, a large percentage of people as high as 90% of Divorce cases filed in a way in Santa Monica in California are without an attorney.