Affordable Divorce Service In Santa Clarita

affordable divorce santa clarita

Affordable Divorce Service In Santa Clarita

If you are looking for an affordable divorce service in Santa Clarita, you have come to the write place.

If you have an amicable divorce in Santa Clarita there really is no reason to use a divorce attorney.

We get calls all the time where people had already hired a divorce attorney for their amicable divorce.  Only to spend several $1,000’s of dollars, and what’s worse, not have their divorce finalized.

We’ve even had client come to us who paid $2,000 and all that occurred was to have their Petition filed!

You are better off using an affordable divorce service in Santa Clarita if you’re divorce case is amicable and both parties are cooperative and in full agreement.


The fee structure most divorce attorney’s use is a retainer system.  This “Retainer” is just the initial deposit.  Then, the attorneys bill their time against the retainer at their regular hourly rate.

This can be as high as $500 per hour or higher.

How a divorce attorney determined their retainer fee can vary.

Most attorneys will simply charge the norm or what is customer in their area. For instance, if most divorce attorneys in the area are charging $5,000, they will likely do the same.

Others may provide a low-ball retainer amount simply to ease the pain of initially hiring them.  But just know, that this is not your total cost.

Whatever the strategy of the divorce attorney is, just know that if they go over the amount of the retainer, you will we asked to pay additional fees.


With Divorce661, we use a flat fee system.  We believe this is the fairest way for both our clients and us.

Having done this since 2012, we know about how much time is going to be spent on an individual divorce case.  Some a little longer time and others a little less.

But it all works out in the end.

What our clients enjoy (if there is anything enjoyable about going through a divorce) is that they know their total cost up front.

We’ve never gone back to a client for additional money.

With our flat fee system, this makes us an affordable divorce service in Santa Clarita.


We hear this a lot.  We have people calling all the time that have already hired an attorney.

There is usually two issues why they are calling us.

One, they used up all of the retainer and now the attorney won’t perform any more work.

Or Two, they attorney is no longer getting back to them or finalizing their case. (This usually has something to do with reason number 1.)

If you find yourself in this situation we can help.  You can always substitute our your divorce attorney.

You are not stuck with them.

And we do this all the time.  We simply take over your case and wrap everything up.

Usually in just a few days.

Please give us a call if you need help with your affordable divorce in Santa Clarita.  Whether you have an attorney or were trying to do your own divorce, we can help.

We handle cases anywhere in California and offer free consultations so give us a call anytime.

We are located at

Divorce661 – 27240 Turnberry Lane, Ste. 200 Valencia, CA 91355