Another Happy Divorce 661 Client : Divorce Finalized!

While we have great reviews on social media channels such as Yelp and Facebook, etc., many of the compliments we received never make it into the public eye.

And I get it, when it comes to divorce not everybody wants to leave a public review about divorce!

We get lots of emails and phone calls with clients thanking us, but who don’t necessarily want to leave a public review. Below is one such email we received that I was able to capture to be able to share with you all.

You see, our clients are very happy when we finalize their divorce. I think it is just about being relieved that it is over… Finally.

I say finally, because many people call us after trying to do their own California divorce and spending months and months and not making any progress.

This was the case with this client. She had tried to do her own divorce and spent several months. Her case was rejected time and time again.

When she came to us, her file was a mess. I mean mess in that there were wrong documents filed and some not filed at all. The worst part was that the way the divorce was started, made it difficult to finalize so we had to be creative.

But in the end we got the job done.

At least half the business we get in new clients are folks that have first attempted to do their own California divorce. This is fine, i get it, you are trying to save some money. But what you probably didn’t realize was the amount of time and effort you were going to have to put into trying to do your own divorce.

So if you find yourself in this situation, just give us a call. We can pick up where you left off with your divorce and get everything wrapped up for you.