Another Hot Sunday In Santa Clarita : Tim Blankenship 9-13-15

I could not let the grass go without being mowed another day.  I had been waiting for a cooler day to mow the lawn, but that day has not come.

So today, I got out early and fired up the lawnmower and took care of business.  I have always enjoyed mowing the lawn, not so much the work, but making it look good. Nobody can seem to do it the way I like to have it look.

I have even been able to keep it green, despite the drought and watering restrictions now down to 2 days per week.

IMG_1211 IMG_1210

Want to know the secret?

2 things that have helped.

First, I read that if you mow without the bag and allow the trimmings to remain on the lawn that it will act as mulch and help to keep the water from evaporating.

Second, I raised the height on my mower at least a full inch, if not more, to allow the grass to grow much taller.  Again, to help keep the water from evaporating.

While most of my neighbors keep their lawns very short, they are mostly yellowing. They ask me and I tell them the 2 things I have done, but most of them have a lawn company so they don’t have any control over this.

Now aside from having to do a little grocery shopping, I have the day to myself….. Which I will probably spend, as I am now, in my home office getting my marketing done for the week so when I am at work Monday thru Friday I can focus on my clients.

A Great Window Cleaning Company

I should mention that yesterday, Saturday, I had a window cleaning company come out to clean our windows.  They did a great job and wanted to give them a mention here. The company I used is See Spot Go Window Cleaning.  They have a great Facebook presence and while I did not need them for the last few months, they were top of mind when I needed my windows cleaned.  Here is their number. (661) 295-3967. I also wrote a quick review on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 12.01.32 PM


And I am flying solo again this week.  My wife is traveling out of town again for work. Our kids mostly take care of themselves, but I do have to take my son to school and to tutoring every day which really cuts into my work schedule.  Knowing this in advance, I did go in and work for a few hours on SaturdayBut nothing really changes other than that.  I do most of the cooking around here, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Have a good Sunday.