Are You Looking For A Santa Clarita Divorce Service

Are you looking for a Santa Clarita Divorce Service?  Well, the search is over.  You just found Santa Clarita’s only legal document preparation company that specializes in divorce.

When we say divorce service, we are talking about our non-attorney divorce service.  We are licensed and bonded legal document assistants that specialize in divorce. What does this mean?

It means that we have the met or exceeded the necessary educational and experience guidelines to provide our divorce legal services directly to the public.  This means that we can operate without attorney assistance or supervision.

That is why we are able to provide much more affordable prices for our divorce services in Santa Clarita.

If you are looking for a Santa Clarita Divorce service, make sure to watch out for imposters.  Who are these imposters you ask?

Well, unfortunately the divorce legal services business is ripe with fraud.  That’s why there are licensing requirements.  To make sure we are capable and experienced so you are not taken advantage of.

Despite the rules and regulations, there are folks out there flying under the radar offering divorce services.  We have written an article about some of these divorce services that advertise on Craiglist that you will want to do your due diligence research on.

Sadly, we get calls that are lured into these fraudulently operating legal services who later have to come to us after they have lost their money to one of these companies.

As much as we talk and write about this in our blogs, there are simply too many of them out there.

When looking for a Santa Clarita divorce service make sure to do you homework.  Make sure they are legitimate and licensed.  Make sure they are operating out of a business establishment and not their home.  Make sure they specialize in divorce.

We guarantee that if you do these things, all roads will land you right back into our office.

We are the only licensed and bonded legal document assistant company specializing in divorce in Santa Clarita.