Attach California Divorce Judgment Forms FL-343 & FL-345 To Judgment Form FL-180

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with In this video we’re talking more about the FL 180 and the issue we’re seeing is folks are filing that.

It says judgment at the form FL 180, it says judgment so people assume that that is their judgment and they’re final paperwork and they are filing just that 2 page FL 180 as their quote, unquote judgment.

That is not your judgment. Please look at page 2 of the FL 180 where there are several boxes for spouse support, child support, custody, visitation and etc, property division. Those are attachments you need to attach if applicable. For instance, you have children, then you’re going to have to mark the child custody, child support box.

If there’s going to be alimony that’s where you’re to say either yes or no but then you need to attach the FL 343, spousal support, or an attachment. Same goes for property. If you have property, even if you don’t have property, you still need to mark the FL 345 and then on the property order itself you just would put none for both boxes of community assets and debts and same for separate property if there’s none.

But you still need the actual order. Consider the FL 180 more of a face sheet and the orders are to follow.

Tim Blankenship, divorce Hope you have a great day and hope to talk to you soon.