How To Avoid California Divorce Trial By Submitting Your Judgment

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with and in this video I want to talk to you about how to avoid trial by filing your judgment. So I recently got a call from clients who had been going through divorce process for couple of years.

They’re in agreement, not in agreement, sure things happen in the divorce process and time just went on and they were several years in into the divorce and they’re actually in an agreement but the judge has become frustrated over time because multiple hearing set where they’re supposed to be coming to an agreement or turning in their judgment.

And the judge finally said if you don’t turn in your judgment by this date, come into court and I’m going to dismiss your case. So these folks called me, they were in an agreement and we had basically 5 days prior to the trial date to draft their settlement agreement, fully prepared.

All the procedural documentation, getting signed by the clients and get it down to court to be submitted by the court so they could avoid, number 1 going to trial and number 2 having their case dismissed which the court threatened to do.

So to let you know you can avoid trial. What we’re seeing with the courts these days, they’re trying to move cases forward. Where normally they wouldn’t get involved or they just allow continuances of even a trial, judges are tired of the trial dates being rescheduled, continued. So they’re basically putting their foot down saying okay, this is going to be your last trial date.

If you don’t appear or turn in the judgment we’re going to dismiss the case. So in this particular situation with 5 days to spare we were able to once retained turn in the final paperwork, settlement agreement, and judgment forms, get signed by the parties, turned into court.

Literally the day of the hearing at 8 30 with the clerk’s office, in the trial court and the courts were able to accept that and their judgment was actually entered and they had the ability to avoid trail and not have their case dismissed.

So if you’re going to trial and you’re trying to wrap things up and you find yourself in agreement we can always settle that by by turning in the judgment and you can avoid trial. Tim Blankenship, I guess you call for more information 661 281 0266 or go to for more information. Thanks for watching.