The Only Bad Reviews We Have Are From Non-Clients!

We live in a world now where anybody can leave a review for a business on such sites as Yelp, Google and Facebook.  It is just what we, as business owners, have to deal with on a regular basis.

What strikes me as interesting is that people get bent out of shape for some of the simplest of issues.

As of this writing we have about 33 or so reviews on Yelp. We have mostly 5 stars given to us by our clients.

However, we do have some 1 star ratings, but these have been written by people who are not even our clients, never would be our clients and who seem extremely rude and plain old nasty.  Some are people that had contact with our company such as scheduling a consultation or leaving a message with us, and others are just straight out made up accounts with the intent to disparage our company.

The purpose of this article is to try to understand why people, who are not our clients, go out of their way to write negative reviews. Some go as  far as to take screenshots and write multiple paragraphs filled with anger, insults and rude comments.

The most recent came from a lady who set up a consultation using our website. I was unable to call her due to a family emergency at her scheduled time. That is all that occurred. I didn’t call her when she requested!

She was so irate that she wrote multiple negative reviews filled with hate, anger, rudeness and personal insults. All that happened is that I was unable to call her!

I am not perfect and on occasion may miss a call or be unable to call due to circumstances outside my control. I even sent her a personal email to let her know of my family emergency and you know what she said? She responded by saying that she did not believe me.

All I can say is that I am so glad this person NEVER became a client of ours. I think the heavens were protecting me from this insanity and could only imagine if I had to deal with this person by assisting her with her divorce. Thank god I was unable to make the call.

I think people need to look at themselves as to why they are so angry with their life that they have to try to make others miserable.

For me, I try to steer clear of these super nasty, angry people. I don’t need them in my business or my life.

And yes, this was a rant. I am airing my thoughts here as opposed to writing a nasty response to these people. Nothing will come of it but further frustration and insanity.

The customer is not always right. Oh, sorry, these people NEVER were our clients!