Birthday’s & Graduation Today

Today will be a fun and exciting day, of not exhausting. I have already been up since 4 a.m. and I am taking the day off to spend with my family.

Our 2nd born, Justin, graduates from Valencia High School today. So being that we do everything last minute, we are up early to take care of all the pre celebratory things one must accomplish. Everything from picking up the cake we ordered to getting balloons.

I also have to pick up the motorhome from storage. Why you ask? Because it is the ultimate mother and law quarters. No, not kidding and not trying to be mean. We have some family coming in and the motorhome is a perfect, private place for company to stay.

I mean, if it gets too loud in the house tonight ( son having some friends over) my wife and I might decide to stay in the RV.

Today is also my wife’s birthday. I think she is going to get cheated, what with it being my son’s day of graduation. I am going to take her to breakfast and then we are also going to lunch for my son’s graduation, but I think she knows that today will be more about him than her.

I don’t think she will mind. Our daughter came home from UCLA last night and will also be spending the weekend with us, so pretty sure she is a happy mommy.

We’ll it’s going on 5:30 and the birds are chirping and there is just enough light to be able to see outside. Time to get going as I am “burning daylight” as my dad used to say.

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend and be safe!