Book Update : Ordered Cover Art And Set Publish Date In Amazon Kindle

Well, this has turned into much more than a hobby at this point. Yesterday I set up the publish date with Amazon Kindle for May 1, 2016. I put in all the details of the book such as author, title, description and all of those things. Then it said I could set a publish date and even upload for pre-orders. This seemed like a great idea.

Once I hit submit, I was informed that I would now have to have my publish ready manuscript ready and published by 4/21 for a 5/1 publish date. I just lost 9 days in the writing process of my book. This now gives me about 25 days to write 50,000 words. I had listened to a podcast that said the best way is to divide the number of words by the number of days to give you the amount of words that need to be written daily. For me this number is 2,000 and it starts today.

I feel okay about the schedule actually as I write on my blog almost every day and sometimes post up to 5 articles per day. So writing is not really an issue for me. My concern is with the editing and formatting process. I spent a good 1/2 day yesterday trying to figure out a writing program that would work. But it was like having to learn a whole new process for editing using these platforms.

This was very frustrating and I can see why people just give up all together before they even get started. So I just decided to start writing the book and worry about the formatting later.

This morning I waked into the office and there was an email from Fiverr. I had placed an order through Fiverr for my book cover artwork and they were sending me an email regarding other services I may need. The service offered was for someone to format my word doc format text into a kindle ready upload. Perfect. Problem solved. So instead of spending what would probably amount to several days trying to edit and format, I will spend about $40 for someone to do this for me.

Have a full day of work ahead of me and then off to write my 2,000 words tonight.