California Child Support Start Date Required Even With No Support

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with In this video we’re talking about spousal support orders and child support orders, specifically related to when there’s a request for 0 support in both spousal and child support.

So, when you do have a spousal support order you’re going to indicate how much is going to be paid, same with child support, and you’re going to state how much is going to be paid, for which children, for how long, on what days, etcetera. You also have to have a start date. When is the child support or spousal support going to start?

You’re going to have to put a date in there. For spousal support you’ll have to put an end date or until further of the court. For children it’s just built in until 18 and graduated from high school. When you have 0 support for either child or spousal support we have some courts in California that are now requesting that a start date still be placed in there.

So, when will the start date for 0 support begin, I guess, is the rationale. We’ve never had to do that before, and now we’ve started to get some judgments returned with the court saying, even though there’s no support, we still need a start date on the either child support order or the spousal support order. We’ve just been putting it in there.

Doesn’t really make a lot of sense, doesn’t make a difference. Across the board, when we see a trend of things starting to happen, we’ll comply with that. When we are completing your judgment, you will see a start date whether or not there’s a request for spousal or child support. Tim Blankenship, Hope you’re having a great day. We’ll talk to you soon.