California Divorce And How To Avoid Paying Court Fees

California Divorce And How To Avoid Paying Court Fees

Hi Tim Blankenship here with And this is just a quick video I’m sharing on how to save money on court fees.

So, I just had a client call me and obviously this is going to be a case if you are on good terms with your spouse or fairly good terms. But had a client call and she had mentioned hey we’re going to get divorced, we’re in agreement so forth and I always talk about people’s finances and see what they got going on. And turns out that the husband is not working.

So, I said well if you guys are on good terms and the husband is not working why don’t we file this in his name using a request for a fee waiver since he’s unemployed and would qualify for a fee waiver and file in his name. That way there will be no court fees at all if you know the way we handle our cases, we file for divorce and we have the other party specifically and purposefully not respond so they don’t have to pay the response fees, still get you through the divorce with just one filing fee.

But the spouses, if one of them is unemployed or for one reason or another may qualify for a fee waiver, all suggested our clients to file in the person who does not have an income name so we ask for a fee waiver. And if we go this route, basically we’ll have no fees at all. So, the petitioner will not have to pay a fee because they qualify for a fee waiver in this case.

And the respondent we are not going to have file a response and it still gets their case through on an agreement. So, there will basically be no court fees. If you have questions about this and the way I kind of sell my service is in this case they would have had 870 dollars in court fees. That would had just almost covers my cost for preparing their entire divorce. So, they’re basically getting their divorce for free essentially and in the worst case we have where we get one of the court fees waived in all cases.

And that’s on if it’s amicable of course. So give me a call if you have any questions about this I always hate to get the call Tim we started our divorce and I filed and my spouse respond so we’re all paid up in fees and now we need help, I wish they would have called me in advance, prior to filing the response fee because I would have been able to have that either waived or not have them file a response at all. Tim Blankenship, give me a call for a free consultation.

You can actually book that directly through our website at there’s a blue tab that says schedule a call with Tim and you can schedule a free consultation with me. Tim Blankenship with, hope