California Divorce Court’s FREE Self Help Center Worth Every Penny

Most people are aware that most courts have a self help center to help you with your divorce.  They are generally free, but they do come at a cost and are very busy and hard to get in to see them as they are on a first come first serve basis.

I talk often about the divorce court’s self help center because people often ask why they shouldn’t go down there as opposed to using our California divorce service.

Here is what I tell them.  While it is “free” in actual out of pocket costs, it is very expensive in the amount of time you spend at the divorce self help centers.  So lets talk about this a little bit

The divorce self help centers are very busy and they can only help so many people per day. In fact, in Los Angeles County, they report that on an average day, they can only help 30 or so people.  For those that can’t get in after waiting in line all day, the only option is to come back the next day and get in line again.  There is no priority and no appointments.

So what it will cost you is a significant amount of time.  Time missed from work trying to get FREE help! Most people will need to make several trips to the court over the span it takes to complete all the divorce paperwork.

Can you afford to miss 3 to 4 days of work to get “free” help?  How much will this actually cost you?

Obviously I am a proponent of using our full service California divorce company to complete your divorce for you. In the end, our service will cost you much less than several days missing work.

And were not even talking about the frustration you will experience dealing with the courts and the paperwork and having to figure out how to file and serve divorce papers.

I know that not everyone can afford our fees, despite being flat rate and very affordable.

For that reason, I am creating a website that will be for these people  who don’t have the money for attorneys or for our full service divorce process.

I will be writing articles about this website explaining what its purpose is, but you can expect that this website will be an online version of the Court’s self help centers so that you can get affordable divorce self help services without leaving your home or office.