California Divorce Forms You Will Need To Complete Your Judgment For Divorce

If you have been reading blogs in the past, you know that we are always giving out tons of free advice.  Today, we are providing all the divorce forms you will need to complete your California divorce Judgment.

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Do you want to know what is sad?  This huge stack of forms was given to a client of ours when they went down to court.  They were amazed that the forms had absolutely no instructions.  There is no form that says how to fill out any of the divorce papers.

All they received (which is what you see below) was the blank forms.

Good luck with that?

It is pretty scary to think that the divorce judgment is the most difficult part of the divorce paperwork to fill out.  We uploaded all the forms to slideshare and realized that is was more than 40 pages that you will have to complete if you are planning on doing your own divorce.

And this is just the final judgment forms for your divorce.  This does not count all the forms you had to fill out, serve and file with the court up to this point.

Here is the slideshare if you plan on attempting this on your own.

We have to admit, however, that the likelihood of you actually completing your own divorce is not very high.  We are just being honest with you.

We have people call our office everyday who have attempted and got stuck along the way and really messed up their divorce papers.  In most cases, we have to totally start over with filing an amended petition.

But we do know that there are people out there that are going to try it on their own. Perhaps they have more time than money and don’t mind spending countless hours trying to figure everything out and are not in a hurry to complete their California divorce.