California Divorce | How To Speed Up The Divorce Process

Many of our clients want us to get their divorce process as quickly as possible.  And I know a lot of people that listen to my podcasts and videos are trying to do their own divorce.

So we often are giving quick tips on how you can do that.  So while there is an information sheet from the courts, on how to process your paperwork is filed, as far as filing the petition serving your spouse doing the disclosures and filing your judgment.

This is a quick tip to help your divorce  get processed by the court faster.  Once you File your petition and have it served and you start the clock on the six-month process all you have to do is wait 30 days after the divorce has been served and then you can turn in all the final paperwork all at the same time, the proof of service the judgment and everything that goes along with the marital settlement agreement and a single shot.

Instead of filing each form separately, if you do it all at once, all after the thirty days have passed the court clerk can process your divorce judgment, that much faster.