California Divorce Mediation : Is Mediation Required During Divorce?

California Divorce Mediation : Is Mediation Required During Divorce?

While California divorce mediation is a good option if you are trying to get through your divorce without having to go to court, divorce mediation is not required in California.

There are a few ways to finalize your divorce in California. Either you come to an agreement outside of court, either on your own, through our California divorce service, divorce mediation, your divorce attorney or taking your divorce case to trial.

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I love when people call me asking about our California divorce paralegal service and tell me, “We just want to see what the judge will say”. This is entertaining to me ( i know, not you) because the fact of the matter is that no court and no judge is going to make any decisions for your unless you want them to and this is called a TRIAL.

And trust me when I say that the last thing you want to have to do is take your California divorce case to trial unless it is a last resort.

Do you think that a judge who does not know you, who hears testimony from you and your spouse (and who has listened to 100 other cases that day) is going to be able to come up with a decision that is better than what you and your spouse can come up with if you just sit down and try to figure out what is best for both of you? I don’t think so!

But I know this takes two, and this may not be possible, but I just want you to understand that the court does not get involved with the decisions you guys make in your divorce unless you cannot make them on your own.

So whether you come to an agreement at your “kitchen table” or through our divorce paralegal service, or through a divorce mediator, it will be far better than having a judge make a decision for you.

The purpose of this article was to indicate that you do not need a divorce mediator to handle your divorce case. If you need assistance with your divorce and are having trouble coming to an agreement, well this is a good reason to hire a mediator.

What we recommend at Divorce 661 is that you start your California divorce case with us and if you and your spouse run into problems that you cannot come to an agreement on, on your own or through our service, then and only then does divorce mediation make sense.

Give me a call and I will provide a free assessment of your divorce case and will assist you by providing you with the resources you need to finalize your case. Whether that be through us, divorce mediation or even if I feel you need a divorce attorney.