California Divorce Spousal Support Earnings Assignment Order FL-435

Hi, Tim Blankenship here with Today we’re talking about the FL 435 spousal support earnings assignment order.

If you go through a divorce and you have a spousal support order, one of the options will have is to have the support or child support given to you directly from your spouse’s employer. Now, for spousal support only. FL 435. It’s called a Spousal Support Earnings Assignment Order.

There’s a couple different variations of this. There’s also an Income Withholding Order, an FL 195, but if you just have pure spousal support and you want the monies to be paid to you directly from the employer, the easiest way to do that is through an FL435 and here’s why. With the FL 435, it doesn’t require any signature, so either party could file the spousal support order, citing order and the nice thing about it is it does not specify an employer.

That’s the biggest difference between the FL 435 and the FL 195. The FL195 is an income withholding order. It works just as well. It’s for child support and spousal support, but it’s employer specific.

When you do file it, it indicates the employer, your employee ID and things of that nature and it’s only applicable for your employer. What happens if someone moves or changes employment, you’re going to have to modify your income withholding order, but with the FL 435, that is not employer specific. You file the FL 435. You serve it on the employer. You’re getting paid from the employer, and then if your spouse moves or changes jobs, you simply have that same filed FL 435 and you just serve it on the new employer.

It makes it nice and easy for transition, so you’re not missing out on support when your spouse changes jobs. Tim Blankenship, I hope you’re having a great day. Go to for more information or just give us a call at 661 281 0266. Have a great day.